Are you planning on applying for the IPC?

Are you planning on applying for the IPC? Here are a few tips that can help you be a great IPC delegate!

As you might have heard before, SLMUN simulates a committee just for journalists called the International Press Corps or IPC as its more commonly known among the MUN circles. The committee is run by the News and Media Team of the SLMUN. The delegates that are part of this committee are basically the reporters of the conference. The aim of introducing the International Press Corps to the SLMUN was to encourage and develop the skills of those who look to pursue a career in journalism or even just to sharpen their skills as writers. As expected, it's no easy task to be a part of this committee and to stick to all the conditions and rules that an IPC delegate has to abide by. Given below are some tips for those who are interested in being IPC delegates for SLMUN 2019. 

TIP NO 1- First of all, being a good IPC delegate really relies on your ability to pick out points from any situation and write about it in a manner that appeals to your audience, in the way that your agency would have written it. It involves being aware of your mandate;

agency writing style (all down to the tiniest difference in pronouns) as well as constantly maintaining a balance with the SLMUN environment and audience.You have to keep a keen eye and ear out for detail. Even when you’re writing, you have to try keep up with the session and you have to keep listening to what the delegates are saying as well. Its advisable to use a voice recorder or  a phone as sometimes it's hard to write down everything. Then you have no chance of missing anything as the delegates are debating.

TIP NO 2 - Interviews are a major tool ; e, especially if you can’t find enough content to write about. I recommend open-ended questions as opposed to close-ended ones unless you’re trying to make a point.Run after delegates for interviews like it’s a lifeline. Whether it’s at lunch or at informal session, but refrain from bugging the delegates too much. But get your answers because having a personal opinion on an issue can boost your points when the N&M team marks your articles.You can also follow the delegates into the lobbying session as they are ever ready to talk to the IPC as well.

TIP NO 3  - The hardest part about writing an article is sometimes finding an angle. Listen to the session, pick out something that seems interesting and work on that. Note down relevant points. Research a bit. Your angle has to appeal to you. The topic doesn’t have to be the overall committee topic , it could be a minor problem in a subtopic. It’s up to you to make it important and to make it appealing to the person whos reading it as well. One thing to remember when trying to find an angle is to stick to your agency's mandate. Sticking to your mandate is very important when it comes to writing for the IPC and writing content against your mandate could lead to losing many points or even disqualification. 

TIP NO 4 - Don’t forget to utilize pictures, take photos of session, anything that you think might help in your article later on. Keep an open mind. You can’t always get a photo at the very end of session and stick to your agency’s format, down to the italics and tags. It makes the whole document seem a lot more composed and adds dimension. You want to look like you know what you’re doing. 

TIP NO 5 - The last and the most important tip is to read the IPC manual. It's there to guide you and you must make use of it as much as possible. Also its very important that you attend the two practice debates to get a hang of the writing style of your mandate, consider the PDs as practice for writing. The feedback that the N&M team will give you can help you a lot since they're the ones who will be marking your papers at the conference as well. Feel free to call up or question the N&M team on any doubts that you have because they're always willing to help!

Any member of the IPC will tell you that if you stick to these tips you'll have no problem being one of the best IPC delegates and maybe even wind up winning an award! So take a chance and apply for the International Press Corps of SLMUN 2019. Believe me, it's worth it!.

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