NAYANTARA JEMIMA ANNE ATAPATTU on life, love and career goals

NAYANTARA JEMIMA ANNE ATAPATTU on life, love and career goals

By Renushi Ubeyratne

Photos by Praveen Mirando

Presently pursuing her degree in Psychology, Nayantara divides her time as an assistant special needs educator at At my Pace as well as an events planner for Events by Akushla. Owing to her passion for modelling, Nayantara joined The Agency Sri Lanka in 2018 and continues to pursue her interests in the fashion industry. 

Here is what she had to say.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I like to think of myself as a very outgoing person. I am passionate about what I do and I am pretty chilled out about most things. I do tend to get nervous and over think at times but I am a blessed soul. I make it a point to smile, no matter what. I am also a multitasker who loves to take up challenging situations. I schooled at Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya and pursued my higher education in the field of psychology. 

Cats or dogs? None.

Hot chocolate/coffee or tea? Coffee.

Early bird or night owl? Somewhere in between.

Books or movies? Both.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.

Singing or dancing? Both.

Sporty or glam? Glam.

What sparked your passion for modelling?

So many people had been telling me over and over to join the modelling industry since I was around seventeen years. At the time, it did not interest me as such due to certain reasons. However, last year, I gave it some thought and eventually joined The Agency Sri Lanka in July 2018. The support I receive through the people I work with at The Agency was amazing and Anjuli, the founder of the company and my talent manager Nadine are incredibly supportive of what I do. This meant a lot to me because I had no professional experience before and was relatively new to the industry. They are always there to clear my doubts and help me out whenever I ask them.What motivates you? Where do you gain your inspiration from?

I believe in Self motivation because if you rely on things or people to motivate you once that is lost there won't be anything that keeps you going. I am inspired by the strong people who I have come across in my life. And the strength I receive from above is what helps me keep me keep my head lifted high. 

What else are you passionate about? Apart from modelling.

I love to sing which I do most at church. I also like Latin dancing, specifically. I also love being around kids. I am the eldest in the family so I grew up with two younger siblings and I have seen them grow up which is probably where my love for kids stems from.What are your future plans/goals?

I want to pursue my higher studies further. I also want to be a social worker. I am not sure which area in psychology that I want to stick to, but I want to contribute to society. I also hope to continue pursuing modelling as well as event planning.

What advice do you have for aspiring young individuals?

Do not be confined to a single thing. You can always succeed in more than one path. Put your skills to the test and always challenge yourself and put your skills to the test. Most importantly. Do not get used to your comfort zone. 

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