SL Model United Nations 12th Session

If you’re new to Model United Nations and getting ready for your first conference, fear not! Researching for a Model UN committee is definitely the part of SLMUN activity that everyone procrastinates. It’s daunting to be given a new assignment, knowing you’ll have to ride the entire roller-coaster of learning about your respective country and understanding global issues inside and out. Even more difficult is that just not knowing where to begin! Luckily, the training at SLMUN makes the process of researching simple and even a little exciting! The executive committee organises a variety of workshops around the island to prepare students to excel at the conference. Visits are made to schools to provide training in MUN research, public speaking, resolution writing, leadership and conference management.  We outline the ways in which a new MUN delegate can make sure to be as prepared as possible for their first Model UN experience. Even if you’ve had some MUN experience the tips and strategies discussed at the workshops will still be useful in bringing your committee game to the next level. This year SLMUN adapts the theme, "Youth Activism and Volunteering" and all workshops will be aimed at promoting this theme whilst ensuring that the workshops provide recommendations for how to bring you’re “A” game to your respective committee. These workshops have been a fun, easy and effective way to get started in MUN. The committee members have travelled from Moratuwa to Negombo and all the way to Galle to help students prepare a step by step process to become an efficient delegate. SLMUN is an expertise that likeminded students must experience and another great resource in preparing for your first MUN conference is knowing what you need help with from rules of procedure to the things you don’t understand in the background guide. By knowing the issues you need help with beforehand, you can reach out to your chairs well in advance of the conference to have any questions on content, procedure or position papers answered. This is why the workshops are a great way to connect with the committee well before you get on-site at the conference. It allows students of many backgrounds to represent diverse nationalities in order to understand their culture and broaden their perspectives. The workshops will train the delegates with ways that facilitate personal growth and trigger ambition. The most anticipated of all workshops is the Main Workshop during which the delegates will be given the opportunity to get briefed on committee topics and clarify their inquiries with their respective chairpersons. This workshop would be the platform to meet the entire Executive Committee and meet your specific chairpersons for the very first time! Moreover, delegates will be educated on the procedures of MUN alongside an improvised committee session. The improvised practice debate will be invaluable to understand the momentum of expected debate before the Practice Debate and conference. The Outreach team succeeds in hosting numerous outstation workshops in regions such as Negombo, Kiribathgoda, Kandy, Gampaha, Galle to show students what SLMUN is and the purpose it serves by keeping up with this year’s theme Youth Activism and Volunteering. In addition, SLMUN plans to initiate MUN in schools which do not yet offer this facility to their students.

As SLMUN moves towards the technological sphere of the 21st century, more opportunities present themselves. Therefore the International Press Corps (IPC) workshop will also be held parallel to the Main Workshop, enlightening budding journalists to explore the fundamentals of journalism. The workshop will be conducted by veteran journalists and IPC delegates will be able to address their queries to either the IPC head table or to the journalists themselves! The ultimate goal of conducting these workshops is to endorse students from different regional, cultural and social backgrounds to put an edge on their public speaking skills and inspire a sense of diplomacy to their resolutions in solving global issues. This year the executive committee is being driven by the impulse in maximising youth involvement. In addition to uplifting them to realise the underpinning problems the world is facing currently. We hope to achieve this by persuading delegates to find solutions by negotiating with other delegates for the viable succession of the coming years.Overall, the effectiveness of the SLMUN approach create an academic environment where learning and accurate simulation are the key objectives. It allows students to really get a feel for the way the UN operates. From the workshops to the IPC simulation being parallel to the main workshop, every aspect of the SLMUN approach feels true to the diplomatic process.

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