An inspiring chat with the Singing Potatoes

An inspiring chat with the Singing Potatoes

What inspired you to form a band?

Forming a band or getting into the industry was never our plan actually. We just wanted to post some live covers on YouTube. So Shenali came up with a name for the channel and also since we loved jamming together we started  performing at open mics for fun. We never thought that things will take off as they did. Things got kind of serious thereafter without us even knowing it and now we are an official band planning on releasing a few originals.

How many members are there in your band? How did you meet each other?

There are three members. We went to Musaeus College and were in the same batch. But it was a school talent show that brought us together. It was organized by the senior prefects’ guild in 2010 and from that point onwards we played at most of the school events together and jammed whenever we got a free period.

Why did you name it as singing potatoes?
We wanted the band name to be able to relate to our chilled selves and also stand for a great- er cause sending a message at the same time to make an impact. We are strong believers of  embracing and accepting yourself. So yes,  Singing Potatoes happened. And who doesn’t like Potatoes ?

What genre of music do you play?
There’s no specific genre because all three of us listen to a vast variety of music starting from  Alternate rock, indie rock, pop, RnB and  classical. So what we play is inspired by all these genres. We are yet to find our own genre.

Is there anyone that you want to acknowledge in your journey so far?
We are grateful to our parents and siblings for supporting us throughout this journey, the  veterans in the industry who have inspired,  supported, guided and encouraged us to keep- doing what we do and to grow in the process. And ofcourse our friends who have always been there from day one!

Tell us a bit about the members in your band
Harini is the lead vocalist of the band and she plays the guitar. She’s currently studying Western Classical music full time. Harini is also our new- found songwriter in the band and one of the lazy potatoes. She’s a bubbly potato with one of the kindest hearts.
Chinthani is the lead guitarist. She’s cur- rently studying and conducting guitar classes. Chinthani is one of those kind and selfless  people you meet once in a life time. She’s very passionate about all the audio production work. She’s our silent potato with 3 facial expressions with a very genuine soul.
Shenali plays bass and rhythm. She’s current- ly studying while working and is the one who  basically manages the band and the social  media accounts. She knows how to convince and get the work done from the two lazy potatoes. She’s an adventurous potato with a passion for photography and travelling.

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