AOD celebrates the season with their annual ‘Avurudu Festival’

AOD celebrates the season with their annual ‘Avurudu Festival’

From New Year games to age-old traditions, young designers made it their own kind of celebration. With the Sinhala and Tamil New Year giving way to a season of celebration, the young designers of AOD took it upon themselves to organize AOD’s annual ‘Avurudu Festival’ which aims to keep traditions alive and also give the festival a modern twist. 

The Student Committee of AOD took the initiative to conceptualize and organize the event while the students from all design departments; Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design and Motion Graphics and Animation Design worked together to ensure that the event was a success. The students as well as the lecturers and staff took part in traditional games such as ‘Bunis Kaema’, Tug of War, Lime and spoon race and ‘kana mutti gaseema’ 

and of course the selection of the ‘Avurudu Kumara and Kumariya’ which turned out to be the most popular event. 

With the pressures of assignment submissions forgotten for the evening, the students indulged in traditional sweetmeats, participated in New Year games and spent a fun and enjoyable evening together with their lecturers and staff. These events not only keep Sri Lanka traditions alive, but they also provide an opportunity for students to relax and enjoy themselves away from their day-to-day studies. 

AOD strongly believes in the impact a healthy mind has towards academic performance as well as how creative thinkers can affect positive change in the world. This is the thinking behind the number of extracurricular activities that are offered to students at AOD. From celebrating traditional festivals, to community service projects through the Rotaract Club to creative projects through the mural club, students get the opportunity to not only study at AOD but also to make a change in society and develop various other skills.

The recent ‘Avurudu Festival’ gave students the chance to work together and understand the importance of culturally significant events and activities. 

The students themselves were involved in decorating, organizing the games and food as well as dressing up in traditional New Year outfits to really get into the spirit of the festival. AOD will be organizing more of these activities in the future, signifying the importance of extra curriculars in a student’s life. AOD is a catalyst for change in South Asia, championing design driven innovation that goes beyond education and believes in driving change and inspiring young minds to think differently and take action to take society forward.

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