BWC Brings World-Renowned Bubble Waffles to Colombo

Hong Kong and London’s culinary phenomenon BUBBLE WAFFLES are now available in Colombo at Stratford Avenue, Kirulapone. Bubble Wrap Waffles by BUBBLE WRAP COLOMBO is the latest food adventure launched by the founders of THE CAULDRON that introduced Pol Roti Kottu, Pol Roti Burgers (a.k.a Local Burgers) and other delectable crazy, messy, happy fusion sensations such as the Kochchi Chicken Waffles with Hot Maple Sauce as well as Chicken Ham, Cheese and Potato Stuffed Waffles. 

The Bubble Waffle is a street food icon from Hong Kong and first came on the food scene as way back as the 1950s. It later made its way to the bustling streets of London. The name derives from the distinctive “BUBBLES” of the waffle itself that appears during the cooking process. 

BUBBLE WRAP COLOMBO introduces to Sri Lanka this sensational Bubble Waffle with a touch of magic from THE CAULDRON as the toppings are as interesting as the Bubble Waffle itself. Cheesy Chicken (Fried Chicken with a KILLER cheese sauce!) for all the meat lovers, Veggie Life (a Water Lily based meatless mix with caramelized onion and cheese) for all the veggies, Caramelized Banana with Peanut Butter to Go Bananas and of course the Oreo Crunch for the sweetest tooth to enjoy creamy chocolate ice-cream with crunchy Oreo cookies. 

Almost a year on since we launched THE CAULDRON we are proud of our achievements as a start-up business. We sincerely hope other ordinary people like us would innovate and take that leap of faith as success is in-deed on the other side of fear as long as you put in hard work and dedication and combine all good things. We owe our success to our team and well-wishers, and of course to all the “FRIENDS OF THE CAULDRON” that are also known as customers. We hope to make BUBBLE WRAP COLOMBO the next big thing in Sri Lanka. We are starting with a light menu but we have lots of exciting ideas to introduce in the months to come”, the Founders of THE CAULDRON and BUBBLE WRAP COLOMBO said.  

They further explained that they will continue to use high quality ingredients to give Colombo a premium product at very reasonable prices in keeping with the price trend they created with THE CAULDRON. BUBBLE WRAP COLOMBO is now available from 9am till midnight daily at No. 68, Stratford Avenue, Kirulapone.

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