Calorie Counter opens in Negombo

Calorie Counter opens in Negombo

By Paramie Jayakody

Calorie Counter, a popular name among the health and fitness crowd, expanded to Negombo on the 24th of January! Founded by Duane Pieris and his partners five years ago, Calorie Counter quickly became a hit with the local community in Colombo. Advocating healthy eating and lifestyle, they have since expanded into other outlets in cities like Galle, and now, Negombo.

Duaine, once a regular guy who didn’t care about healthy eating to save his life, turned his life around after the unfortunate demise of a family member forced him to re-evaluate his priorities. 

Turning to a healthy lifestyle, he discovered that food played a large part in living healthy, and staying healthy! New to healthy eating, he painstakingly learned about food, nutrition, and energy, and along the way, he was inspired to help others who were also on that track, and thus started Calorie Counter, in his own kitchen. 

Calorie Counter is Sri Lanka’s first authentic health food restaurant chain, offering the calorie count of every meal you order so that you yourself can schedule your meals according to your very own pace of a healthier lifestyle.

Five years later, several outlets and several countries now on board, calorie counter is a booming name. They recently signed on to Kuwait for their franchise outlet, and plan to add outlets in Australia and the Maldives as well. The Negombo outlet truly looks spectacular, with an outdoor setup that is sure to win your heart, 

if the food doesn’t!Standing in front of the crowd on the 24th, Duaine attributes his success to the immense support he has received from his family, friends, partners, staff and many other people. He explained his joy that calorie counter is thriving, and shared with us his vision of someday becoming a part of every country in the world, as a true Sri Lankan brand. 

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