Expertify part 2 talks about Entrepreneurship

Expertify part 2 talks about Entrepreneurship

AIESEC in the university of Sri Jayawardenapura once again turned heads with their latest panel, this time on “How to become an online entrepreneur.”

Continuing their theme of discussing timely topics, the AIESEC in University of Sri Jayawardenapura recognized and discussed the importance of moving a venture online during these times. Their panel consisted of experienced entrepreneurs who were no strangers to online businesses. For the better part of two hours, Bhanuka Harischandra, Linda Marik, Sharanyan Sharma and Indi Samarajiva together with Bernadine Jayasinghe tackled this topic. Here are some of the key points they discussed; 

Mr. Indi Samarajiva started off by relating his experiences with PickMe food and how they had almost no change to their business, but noted that brick and mortar businesses have a longer way to go. 

Ms. Linda Marik pointed out that the problem was not the logistics of shifting to online entrepreneurship, but the fact that most people are not used to it. She shared that while she thinks some businesses will keep to the digital shift, most people will return to the familiar once the pandemic is over. She was also concerned that it's harder to keep team members motivated while working fully digitally, and that would take a hit on productivity. 

For Mr. Sharanyan Sharma, entrepreneurship is a unique lifestyle, and one that has undergone a dramatic shift. The mindset of an entrepreneur is such that in a negative situation, they will look at it in a positive way. And that skill is a must while shifting to digital media, he says. Trust your gut, go with your instinct, but make sure you validate it, he cautions. Don’t go into a new situation blindly. He also mentioned that the digital market is very different from the offline world, and if you’re looking to be an online entrepreneur, you should check yourself and see if your product is something new and innovative, or just what everyone else is doing. Making sure you have the right product is important, he concludes. 

Looking at it a different way, Mr. Bhanuka Harischandra explains that when it comes to marketing, it is constantly developing and adapting. Regardless of pandemic or no pandemic, he knows that the marketing industry would have evolved nonetheless. 

He also shared his opinion that entrepreneurship is grossly overrated, and the only thing that matters is the concept of value creation: whether you’re offering something of value to your customers. 

After these words of wisdom were shared, a long Q & A session followed, with participants asking a range of questions from the panelists, from what tools are helpful for an online business to how to prevent their business accounts from getting hacked. 

So after almost 2 hours of fruitful discussion, the panel came to an end. If you missed it, or would like to learn more about what they said, you can find the recorded video at

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