Geek HQ: Sri Lanka’s First and Only Pop Culture Cafe!

Geek HQ: Sri Lanka’s First and Only Pop Culture Cafe!

By Shamindri De Sayrah

Photographs by Tai Hsin Shiek

Over the past few years geek culture has been growing immensely in Sri Lanka. In 2015 we got Lanka Comic Con, in 2017 Red Dot Geek; our first ever comic book store and Collectique; our first action figure store, and now, we have Geek HQ, Sri Lanka’s first and only Geek themed Cafe. Owned and run by Angelo Pereira and Shafeek Shuail. Geek HQ is Colombo’s newest and coolest hangout. A cozy café that is by the geeks, and for the geeks. 

The food is delicious and it's also very filling, you definitely get your moneys worth. As is their coffee and drinks. But it doesn’t just give you great themed food, drinks and an awesome atmosphere; 

they give you an amazing geeky experience from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. 

Aside from the Café downstairs, upstairs you will find a gaming room and a movie room for those times when we just have to catch up on all the Marvel movies. Geek HQ will be Sri Lanka's one and only Geek themed cafe/restaurant and will be Sri Lanka's first taste in experiential dining. All other cafes and restaurants are like fuel stations - you come, eat and you go. Depending on the place, you can come and eat in a nice environment, socialize and go. But at Geek HQ, you can come, interact with your surroundings, 

see your favorite characters, 

experience interactive meals, browse, purchase memorabilia, participate in activities and eat good food, socialize and finally hit the road. 

You can follow them on Instagram at and on Facebook. Located on Frankfort place in Bambalapitiya, head on over to Geek HQ for a culinary experience unlike any other.

You can expect it to be one of the must visit places in Colombo, and a place where fans of pop culture will feel at home.” – Angelo Pereira (Owner)

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