Get kaffeinated with Kaffeine by Republk

On a late January Sunday, 26th, Colombo Fort had a launch a brand new coffee spot located in the heart of the fort itself.Kaffeine by Republk is actually the brainchild of the popular bar The and is situated in the very same building on hospital street. 

Taking up the ground floor, Kaffeine is a small but cozy nook with shade and greenery, quite unlike what you expect to find in the area. Going for a rustic vibe, it clearly worked as it’s a welcome respite from the Colomo sun that we swear gets worse every day.What marks it as different from every other cafe is that it still has a (well-stocked) bar occupying one entire wall. This comes courtesy of the, which is situated on the upper floor of the building. 

26th of January saw Kaffeine opening its doors to the public along with a ‘communiti’ pop up of various local vendors and businesses. The general reception so far has been positive, and the inclusion of local flavors and dishes in the regular cafe menu has been noticed. 

So when we decided to drop by and see the place, it was understandably crowded. Despite that, we managed to try out a few appetizers and drinks, which were quite reasonably priced. 

We recommend you try their buttermilk pancakes, which is one of their best dishes, and it comes fully loaded! With the pancakes, you get maple syrup, cream, raspberry, peanut crunch and nutella!If you’re a cafe lover or a coffee lover, drop by Kaffeine to see something different! 

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