Grand Masterclass Kandy

The Grand Masterclass is a one of the kind event to take place in The heritage city of Kandy, by the professionals of their own field

Hirunika Menickpura, The super baker of the squad is a graduate from the renown Rosalind Miller Cake School in UK and the founder of Better Batter based in kandy.

Irfana Hameed well known Henna Artist and the founder of Fana’s Mehendi is known for her incredible and intricate henna designs.

Ayish Shabnam the founder of The Blush Studios, freelancing makeup artist familiar for her beguiling yet classical makeovers around kandy, DYF certified, is also one of the main artists of this group.These 3 women together are initiating this new and exciting one day workshop/Masterclass in Kandy to bring together the Baking/Henna/Makeup lovers in and around Kandy to learn the necessary and important skills of all 3 arts.

This Masterclass is aimed at covering the basic, complicated and most anticipated tips and tricks of all 3 artistries with detailed notes and instructions for complete guidance on how to master them.

This workshop is gonna be educating all enthusiasts about all the things they didn’t knew about these artistries.

Hirunika Menickpura (Better Batter) will be teaching the students on how to build a structure cake from the basics, and the intricate details of doing sugar flowers with many tips and tricks.

Irfana Hameed (Fana’s Mehendi) will be educating the girls to do the henna with basic patterns and repetitive techniques guiding the path to be a pro.

Ayish Shabnam (The Blush Studios) will be covering the Skincare basics on different skin types, the techniques of doing day/Night makeup on yourself like a pro, selection of specific makeup for your skin tone and many tips and tricks.

The event will take place in Oak Ray Regency Kandy on 21st December 2019, from 8.30 a.m to 5 p.m with all the refreshments and food accommodations at 8000/-per person

We have introduced a “BRING A FRIEND” offer  where when a student registers with a friend along they get 1000/- off their ticket (maximum 4 numbers)

Students will go home with 3 valuable certificates, a goodie bag and immense knowledge that they haven’t acquired before on these fields.

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