I have a Parasite, it's name is Depression

Venom hit the theatres late last year, and became an instant hit. Everyone crowded into the cinemas to witness the adventures of a random reporter who had an alien living in his head. Venom was the perfect adventure movie for a lot of people. For me, well, I looked at Venom differently. Eddie Brock was just your everyday reporter, until one day he was (unknowingly) saddled with an unknown entity in his head. No one else could see Venom, or hear Venom. It was just Eddie. Venom had a superior sensory system to Eddie, warning him when unfriendly people were at the door. Venom spoke in Eddie’s head, leading to a few extremely hilarious exchanges. He even seemed to be very much offended at being labelled a parasite, instead preferring a symbiotic existence. 

Venom granted Eddie with near superpowers, and they were able to do a lot of crazy stuff. But to the outside world, Eddie was a mystery. He was just the kind of insane man who barged into hotels and ate raw lobster sitting in the tank. Mad. Insane. The only people who wanted to help Eddie was his former girlfriend, and her boyfriend (as if that wasn’t awkward).

They discover Venom is killing Eddie from the inside, much to Eddie’s shock and Venom’s outrage. The two fight, and both nearly die before being reunited. By the end of the movie, Eddie and Venom have an understanding, and both are able to go out and live a relatively normal life, as a pair who achieved symbiosis. 

Me, I had a different name for Venom. Depression. See, Depression got into my head unknowingly. For the longest time, I didn’t know he existed. No one could see him or hear him, and I wondered what the voice in my head was. Only difference being, my exchanges were not so hilarious. Depression gifted me with very good intuition, and view of the world. 

These often felt like superpowers, because I saw the world differently from everyone else. Maturity was a gift. But sometimes, to handle Depression in my head, I had to do things that made no sense to everyone else who was watching. I just looked mad. Insane. The only people who wanted to help me were people who loved me. 

Depression slowly started killing me from the inside, and nearly succeeded. I fought against him, and both of us got worse. As time went on, and with professional help, I learned not to fight Depression. We entered a peaceful coexistence. Depression, like Venom, doesn’t like to be parted. But both of us learned how to live with each other. 

And Depression, like Venom, isn’t a parasite. He was just looking for symbiosis. And sure, just like Venom and Eddie, we have our differences. We have our fights. There are days when I’m stronger, and days he is stronger. 

But for the most part, we are at peace. Like Eddie said, “We are Venom”

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