ICBS at the Forefront of Online learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Imperial College of Business Studies at the Forefront of Online learning 

during the COVID-19 Pandemic  


Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. A new norm is here to stay including the nature of global travel which has changed its course. Frequent travellers are now forced to adjust to this “new normal” while airlines and aircraft manufacturers run the risk of going bankrupt, thereby endangering many jobs. As the outbreak progresses, gone is the need for fancy cars, watches and high rise apartments. Unemployment rates the world over have risen dramatically and more layoffs are likely to follow. Corporates have realised with the work from home arrangements, which jobs can and must go.

Outside of the pedagogical sphere, COVID-19 has resulted in many changes and disruptions. All these changes, however, have not been negative. People are spending more time with family, we are compelled to appreciate valuable things often taken for granted, including the bare necessities. Despite being in lockdown, life seems to go on. In the age of information, we still feel connected. Thanks to the internet, we still purchase goods online, pay bills online and keep abreast of the news and learn through digital mediums, without a hassle.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also introduced unprecedented levels of uncertainty to the livelihoods of people and strained regional and global economies. The closure of schools, colleges and universities have interrupted the learning process of students around the world. University graduates are particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic due to interruptions in the learning process and assignments.

It is worth realizing that travelling to study overseas has also become a new challenge. Such plans have now become questionable, especially with the high possibility of the USA barring inbound travel till 2022 and Australian Universities offering online classes for the first year just to ensure that they do not miss out. With the likelihood of multiple outbreaks taking place, face to face teaching in universities may not become an immediate reality in the foreseeable future.

As large-scale international efforts to utilise technology in support of remote learning, distance education and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic are being made. This “new normal” will undoubtedly open doors to new experiences and methods of learning. That being said, educational institutions like Imperial College of Business Studies understand the need to evolve quickly through the use of online learning. Within a week after Sri Lanka went on lockdown, Imperial College of Business Studies was able to shift to a digital learning approach, thereby ensuring that students face no delays in completing their education.  

With this swift response, online lectures have given students the opportunity to plan their study time at their own pace. This provides flexibility and a new learning experience for students. For the first time ever, students can study and work at their own convenience.  

With online learning, students are not prompted to spend all day in class. Online sessions coupled with a few hours of discussions per week allows students to spend their time productively on the application of knowledge.

The course material is accessible on demand and videos can be revisited an unlimited number of times. This gives the opportunity for students to use the videos as a revision tool.The flexibility of ICBS online content ensures that the wheels of learning continue to steer despite roadblocks caused by the pandemic. 

Student Testimonials

Priyasha Jayaseelan – B.A (Hons) International Business and Finance, University of the West of ScotlandLearning during a time of a national lockdown attracts most of your time and attention. ICBS's decision to introduce online learning to cope up with the current pandemic has made our time productive where our studies need not reach a standstill. 

Through the online sessions, I'm able to learn at my own pace at a convenient time. The quality of these sessions are quite good. Our lecturers making the content very clear and interesting to grasp. Protection and education at the same time is better than compromising one of them. Till things get back to normal, let's utilize this valuable opportunity provided to us by ICBS. 


Zaidh Rumzy B.A (Hons) International Business and Finance - University of the West of Scotland

 Being able to formulate the right strategy and survive through times of crisis with the right resources in hand is what we've been taught in classrooms.  

To see it being executed by ICBS is a great example for all of us. Despite the current pandemic and lockdown, we are still able to continue our studies without any delays through ICBS's adaptation to online platforms. Though I still miss the face-to-face classroom sessions, the online classes have been interactive with our lecturers tending to all of our subject related doubts and making the live sessions as interactive as possible with two-way communication. 

Our days are extra productive as we not only learn the subject content, but also learn to use technology better. 

It's an adaptation for all of us, yet it's quite interesting to learn in a new way which we are experiencing for the very first time, thanks to ICBS. 


Sapna Ravishika -- BA (Hons) International business and finance offered by the University of the West of Scotland 

It has been almost a month since this pandemic hit Sri Lanka. But ICBS has once again proved that no obstacle can get in our way of becoming a successful professional.  Despite the chaos, I must say that our college is doing a great job to keep us on track with the online lectures. This virtual learning is indeed a new experience for me and of course it is very effective. 

It made us use our time wisely and not to postpone our studies but to polish our knowledge day by day. And once again our college is providing us with the necessary backing and support to face the competition that we face day in and day out. Also I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the prominent lecture panel and the dedicated management for organizing these facilities on behalf of us! Thank you ICBS! 



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