by Sajida Shabir

Want to learn some easy skills and life hacks that will make your life more efficient and productive? Today’s your day! Here are the most practical life hacks with images. By tweaking little things and being creative, your day to day life can truly change especially for us lazy youngsters who always find the easiest possible way to get our things done.  Enjoy!

  1. This was truly an eye opener!

2. In a hurry and not enough time to charge your phone? Try this-

3. I always wondered how people would go on a trip for a month with just one bag pack- now I know how!

4. Instead of keeping several alarms every five minutes, try this out-  

5. No space in the microwave? I’ve got you sorted

6. Cables are all messed up? Just use paper clips-

7.  During the sunny and humid days, this hack is definitely noteworthy-

8. This one is for all the Nutella lovers who try so hard to scoop out every bit of Nutella!



10. Knowing that the mess will be less is a true motivator when going to cook!

11. Tired of finding a comfortable way to hold your phone and watch a show? Try this-

12.  Here’s a tip to avoid fights amongst your friends or siblings! 

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