Miss British Empire Sri Lanka shares her wisdom…

The spectrum behind a Tiara; Miss British Empire Sri Lanka shares her wisdom…

By Thamali WijekoonChokolaate had a chat with Dr. Nuwandika Siriwardane who would be representing Sri Lanka at Miss British Empire 2018 to be held in September in Perth, Australia.  She is an icon of radiating confidence, beauty and brains and here is what she shared with us.

How are your preparations for the pageant?

I’m training under Brian Kerkoven these days. He is one of the best trainers of models in Sri Lanka. Other than that, I’m focusing on my diet routine and workouts right now. I have to make a profile to produce at the Contest which is scheduled to be held in Australia this September. My dresses are designed with the support of Brian Kerkoven, Raffealla Fernando and Sheruka.

Miss British Empire is a relatively new pageant. According to the way you perceive, what sort of an opportunity does the pageant offer? 

The pageant was founded in 2011 and aims at finding and nurturing the talent of models, singers, dancers, actors and presenters. It offers modelling contracts in the States to the winners and also operates as a qualification to take part in other International beauty pageants.

Why did you think of applying Miss British Empire contest?

I’m a doctor by profession but always had an interest in modelling. I had been affiliated with StarNow Modelling for two years now. It is true that I have little free time to train but I have aims of entering the international level of modelling and this pageant forms a good platform for it. You are also a person with multiple talents; a lyric writer, a singer, an entrepreneur and also engaged passionately in welfare activities. How do you balance your professional life as a doctor and all the other engagements?  

Since my childhood I enjoyed been occupied with work all the time. If I idle around even for an hour or two, I feel like I would go crazy. So I’m always found running around for tasks and it has become something I’m used to doing.  We are usually released from our duties at the hospital at four o’clock in the evening unless we do the night shift. So I dedicate my entire time after four o’clock for my other interests.

How do you think your other talents will equip you in the journey towards reaching your goal at the Contest?

I graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya. I’m also a Director at Waters Edge Hotel. I dance, sing, write lyrics, do poetry, and even perform all my beauty care routines on my own. I rarely go to the saloon. I base all my routines on Ayuruwedic methods and products, most of which are home made. Milk and honey combinations, olives and almonds are my favourites. There will be multiple mini pageants under the main contest of Miss British Empire which include Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Miss People’s Choice etc… I’m hoping to make the best use of my resources at them. 

What qualities should a person representing her country at an International pageant must possess?

The first and main is having good communication skills.  You need to communicate well with the contestants and personnel from the other countries. Secondly, you must have a sound knowledge about your own country and its international relationships. On top of that, you must have a good level of education since you are going to face a crowd of international intellects. Fourthly, you must respect others; other nations and their cultures. Then only they will respect ours. We must develop that quality within ourselves.

What do you think your biggest strength among the other contestants at this pageant is? 

I can say that I have developed my personality very well and that I’m capable of facing and talking in front of any crowd. I have an MBBS and a variety of aesthetic skills. I’m very confident about the way I look, which I think is the most important strength. 

We would like to know a little about your fashion brand and the Cancer Foundation

It is ‘Elegant Cleopatra’; a brand run by my family. We have not yet officially released any of the products to the market but will be in the very near future. The brand will not only involve clothing but also perfumes and cosmetics. The Cancer Foundation is at its initial stages of formation but we are already helping cancer victims and their families psychologically and economically. 

Do you have any advice for teenagers and young adults who want to pursue multiple fields in life simultaneously like you and succeed at them?

Everyone is talented. But each of us has one thing that we are better at than the others. We have to improve that main talent first, just like I entered the Medical Faculty, received my degree and became a doctor. Once you do that, you become stable and independent in life. After you stabilize in your profession, there is no matter which ever one of your other skills that you pursue. I focused on my studies while I was at medical school and did not consider entering any beauty pageant during that period of time. My message for you is to become independent in your main field first and thereafter pursue all your other skills. Then you can win the world. 

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