Physical Bullying: How much pain can your body endure?

Bullying is a problem that is becoming more and more common in our society, but it's not one type of bullying. Bullying has many forms, from physical and mental to emotional and even cyber bullying. 

But what is physical bullying? It’s probably the most well known form of bullying, and it’s also the most easily identified, because there’s always physical proof. Physical bullying doesn’t just test your mind, it tests your body as well, sometimes. 

If you’re being hit around by an older kid at school, or if you’re being slapped by an adult, or even if someone is touching you in an appropriate way, it counts as physical bullying. Stealing your possessions, even if it’s your lunch. It even applies to people throwing things at you. Like a stapler. Or a tire. 

More often than not, physical bullies will target someone weaker than them. And they might even get their friends to help, because there’s nothing fair in bullying. But it's more than likely that physical bullying isn’t where it starts, and the victim will be threatened or coerced into compliance by the bully or the group of bullies. 

Physical bullying causes the most uproar, because there are dire consequences like broken bones or even a loss of life. 

How can we stop getting physically bullied?

If you feel safe, these are a few ways to handle a physical bully:

  • Walk away when the bully approaches you. 
  • Yell ‘STOP!’ and walk away. They will rarely engage you once you’ve attracted attention.
  • Imagine your bully in a hilarious setting. They will see you’re not afraid of them.
  • Use a buddy system against the bully and never be alone.
  • Be confident.
  • If you feel unsafe, don’t hesitate to ask for help from any trusted adult. 

What you shouldn’t do when handling a bully:

  • Think it's your fault. 
  • Fight back or bully a person back
  • Keep it to yourself and just hope the bullying will "go away." Make sure you report the bullying.
  • Skip school or any activities because you're afraid of the bully.
  • Be afraid to tell. It's the right thing to do!
  • Hurt yourself. 
  • Show that you’re angry or upset, it's what the bully wants.

What can we do if we see someone getting bullied?

There’s quite a few things you can do to stand up for someone in trouble:

  • Loudly call attention to it
  • Look for an authority person/person in charge
  • Call 119, or any adult close by that you know
  • If you’re able to, separate the bully and the person being bullied
  • Make sure you stand up to the bully and report them as needed

In the long term, you could help make your environment a safer place by setting an example and not supporting any bullying related activities, intervening in any situation as you can, and simply spreading the word against bullying in general. 

If you find out a loved one or a friend is becoming a bully, try talking to them. Most of the time a bully has unresolved issues and having someone to talk to will help. If not, enlist the help of a trusted adult to get your friend the help they need. Don’t let innocent people be hurt in the process. 

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