This one is for all the people who love sitting outside Pilawoos laughing with your friends after a night out or when you just crave for their spicy delicious food. Pilawoos can offer so much more than just their Kothu if you slightly twist your order around and I am going to show you the right way to do it!

  1. ‘Special’ Ice Milo-

If you have tried this out you must know that this is one of the best things to drink to beat the heat in Summer. It is a cup filled with Milo and is truly worth the calories! However adding the word ‘Special’ will make it like a Milo Feast, because they add extra Milo on top!!

  • This is at the Kollupitiya Pilawoos 

  1. Mix Egg Rotti and Masala Chicken-

For someone who doesn’t want to eat to eat Kothu all the time this is something you should go for. Order egg rotti and masala chicken; but instead of getting it separately tell them to mix it and serve it. It’s like a Masala Chicken Kothu (not like the Masala Kothu) and it is just delicious!

PS- this is what I order all the time, literally!

  • This can be ordered at the Bambalapitiya and Kollupitiya Pilawoos

  1. Fried Chicken and Egg Rotti-

Most people aren’t in the mood to eat something spicy all the time so this is one is for you’ll. I personally feel like the Pilawoos Fried Chicken is the best one I’ve eaten in Colombo so what I tried out was Egg Rotti topped off with Fried Chicken and some Onion mix. I found out this hack just recently and it is one of the best late night meals I have!! 

PS- I love spicy food so I ask for some spicy gravy to go along with it.

  • This can be ordered at the Kollupitiya Pilawoos

I am sure you would have guessed it by now that I LOVE Pilawoos! It is my go to place for late night meals and when I crave for some spicy food. After years of eating from here i came up with these 3 hacks and I feel like it’s time everyone knew about these because it’s too good to be kept only to myself. 




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