Re-live Your Favourite Movies!

July and August usually mean one thing here in Sri Lanka. Holidays! The temperature rises even more than usual, marking "summer" in our paradise island of eternal sunshine. It's the time to meet up with friends, go out and try the many amazing restaurants or even go on family vacations. There is however, at least a small part of our holidays where we are left with absolutely nothing to do at home. After browsing through all social media, the perfect solutions hits you. Movies! Whether you just want 

to spend time with yourself or invite your friends over for a movie marathon, the choices 

are endless. This article will help you decide which movies to watch by suggesting some of my all-time favourites! (saving you the trouble and the Wi-Fi from watching all those trailers)
Most of you would agree that the best type of movies are the ones that make you feel like laughing and crying at the same time! The following six movies are a perfect example. 

Marley and Me- This romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson revolves around the mischievous dog Marley as he somehow manages to bring out the very best in everyone. Any dog owners out there could totally relate to this movie! Heart warming to the last minute, it is perfect for relaxing on your own. 

Pretty Woman - This is a romantic comedy on a completely different level. Starring 
Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, it demands you to have an open mind as a ruthless businessman falls in love with a call girl. Not only just it challenge many ideals, it also shows how love can be found in the most unexpected people. 

27 Dresses- Many of us know the amount of work that needs to be done when being 
part of a wedding. Just imagine 27! Imagine your sister marrying the man of your dreams! Join Katherine Heigl in this rollercoaster ride of a romantic comedy as it explores weddings like never seen before. (A note of warning to all brides to be!)

Clueless - This timeless classic of 1995 brings us the very best of the gorgeous Alicia Silverstone, as she discovers that being the most popular girl in high school may not be the most important thing. Could her ex-stepbrother have been right about all her flaws? Could she be falling in love with him? Or was she just Clueless? 13-/10 recommendation for watching with friends! 

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging - The title speaks for itself in this 2008 drama. Many of us can relate to this 14-year olds life as she tries to balance her disputing parents and the trouble of getting a boy to fall in love. The perfect movie for a major throwback or if you feel like reminiscing about the "problems" you used to have. 

The Notebook - This 2004 movie could very well be the President of all romantic movies. Be ready to experience heartbreak, love, hope and loss in this legendary movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Not only will is make you question love in all its forms, it will restore tour faith in it. (Box of tissues and chocolate recommended!)

The next 6 movies are for those who can't bear to watch anymore romantic comedies. It's for those who crave a rush of adrenaline, mystery and drama. 

Die Hard - This 1988 action packed blockbuster starrs Bruce Willis as he tried to rescue his family and other hostages from a terrorist attack. Nail biting suspense and heart stopping revelations will you keep you at the edge of your seat!

Goodfellas - Nothing brings about adrenaline like the Mob. Robert De Niro portrays what it is like growing up in a Mafia and working hard to rise up in the ranks. Will his drug addiction and disregard of the horrors he commits be his downfall? 

The Godfather - Loved the movie Goodfellas? Do you find the crimes and lifestyle of the Mafia fascinating? This series of films will showcase the underworkings of the ruthless Italian Mafia and the layers of authority, family wars and power struggles that would give one person, ultimate authority. Would you be able to live in a world of such fear and power? 

Ben-Hur (1959 Version) - This nearly 4 hour movie is an epic drama set in the time of Jesus and the Roman Empire. From chariot racing to being a slave, the story follows a Jew named Judah as he struggles to get vengeance and his family back, after being accused of treason. Perfect for a day of nothing to do or to get lost in a completely different time. (The 2016 Version is also available!)

Real Steel - Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman starring in this movie being enough of a reason to watch it, the story line set in the future is highly realistic and draws you in with an almost magnetic force. Can robot boxing bring together a father and son as they struggle to build a relationship? This adrenaline filled movie manages to warm your heart in the most unexpected ways. 

Harry Potter Marathon - If all the above movies have failed to interest you, there is but one hope left. Harry Potter. No explanations are necessary as this 8 movie story will keep you occupied, fascinated and totally engrossed in its magical world of wizards and witches. If you haven't ever watched it, there is always a first time. And if you have, I know you can watch it again! 

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