Red Dot Geek: Sri Lanka’s 1st Comic Book Store

Red Dot Geek Opens Sri Lanka’s 1st Comic Book Store

By Shamindri De Sayrah

Pics by Anjana Dharmasiri

Have you ever wanted to walk into an awesome comic book store, like in the movies or shows? Ever wanted to escape to a place where you can read as many comics as you want, buy a new action figure, or 10, and be surrounded by your favorite characters and stories? Now you can, *cue the superhero theme music* at Red Dot Geek. 

Red Dot Geek was first opened by Sulaksana De Soysa on June 15, 2016. It started out as an online store for all things geeky; Comics, collectibles, posters and more. On September 30th 2017, Red Dot Geek opened their first store, located on the 1st floor of Liberty Arcade, the very first comic book store in Sri Lanka. A huge step for Geek Culture in Sri Lanka. 

Here’s what a few of our local geeks had to say about the opening of Sri Lanka’s very first Comic Book store,

“Being an avid collector of action figures for a long time, I have seen the inception of Red Dot Geek from its most humble roots. Sulaksana was well noted among the community for being someone who sold products right on box value, that means no hidden costs. He even took the liberty to deliver it right to our doorsteps, whether it be late in the night or through thick rain. Seeing his venture grow into what it is today, not only makes me happy but all of us in the community are just thrilled and proud of his achievements.  Here's to wishing Sulaksana and the Red Dot Geek team all the very best in the years to come.” - Ushan Gunasekara

“I feel proud to call myself a comic book geek, and the inception of the Red Dot Geek store which happens to be the first comic book store in Sri Lanka is something we’ve been waiting for, for years. It brings people together and now you can go through the books and pick your favorite title. That’s amazing.”Oshitha Narangoda“I was super excited ever since I got to know that Red Dot Geek is finally going to open their first local comic-book store. I feel really lucky to be a part of the Sri Lankan geek community as its been growing bigger and better in the past couple of years. We still have long way to go and Red Dot Geek has taken it one more step further. Being able to witness and be a part of Sri Lanka’s first ever comic book store opening was definitely an amazing opportunity and an experience.”- Nimasha Perera

2017 has really been a great year for Lankan Geeks, and now we’ve got a little slice of geek paradise right here in Colombo. Being a geek myself, I couldn’t be happier. One small step for Sri Lanka, one giant leap for Sri Lankan Geeks!

Check out their Facebook page for more details and updates:

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