by Nethmi Jayatilleke

Without question, it takes guts to be a strong independent woman in today's society . Luckily role models abound and even more on the rise including the proprietor of Instagram's most magical store front , Royal & Regal . The 24 year old has redefined power by building her own business against all odds.
Chokolaate delved in to the story behind the Royal & Regal, as everyone's favorite online seller opens up about her fabulous store and what it's like to be your own BO$$

So can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got in to the fashion industry? 

Hi I'm Sharon Palawandram I'm 24 years old ,born and raised in sunny Colombo. I am a mechatronics engineer profession & the Creative Director/ CEO of the clothing brand “Royal & Regal” - ROYALANDREGAL.COM.
We are an online brand headquartered in Sri Lanka. As to how I began, I've always had a fantasy where I used to daydream about having my own brand ever since I can remember. Me & My dad came up with the name “Royal & Regal” when I was 13 years old one day, as I submitted a business proposal on the idea. Yes. I was 13! 9 years later, at college – while Doing my Mechatronics Engineering Degree, I thought of opening a Facebook account and selling a new pair of shoes which I got down from the UK. And the rest is history..

And how did that evolve in to an Instagram online store? 

I think Instagram compliments my brand well, because we always keep our followers updated on what’s new, what’s coming up at Royal & Regal. This keeps our followers on the loop and it’s grown to be a family of 30,000 organic followers.

What is like being you own BO$$ and being a female entrepreneur? 

It's awesome. Happiest Place I could be.

We've noticed you have a very close relationship with your customers, I feel like there's a really solid understanding and kinship there, have you been actively fostering that or did that come by chance?
I'd say both. We've had a privilege of having wonderful clients who give us raw feedback on our service. And this really helps us improve. Customer relationship is very important to me.

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