Seshanthi Ranasinghe: All- Rounder, High Achiever and Aviation Enthusiast

A Chat with All- Rounder, High Achiever and Aviation Enthusiast, Seshanthi Ranasinghe

By Renushi Ubeyratna

Photos by Eranga Pilimatallawe

Twenty year old Seshanthi Ranasinghe is our shining star in this issue! Having schooled at a prominent girls’ school in Colombo, she was appointed Deputy Head Prefect in 2017 and actively participated in sports and a number of extra-curriculars while focusing on her studies. Right now, Seshanthi is living a life she says she has always dreamed of, with a promising career in aviation while pursuing her higher studies.

We spoke to her on her life, dreams, career goals and the future. This is what she had to say!

How would you describe yourself?

I would say I’m an ordinary girl trying to live life to the fullest while believing in her dreams, someone just like many trying to climb the ladder slow and steady.

I believe in God and that everything happens for a good reason. I schooled at Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya and was Deputy Head prefect in year 2017. 

With regard to my academic career, I was more of an ‘extracurricular activity person’ but I believe I was able to manage studies and get not so bad scores *wink*. I was the Table tennis school captain for 2016-2017 and was also a part of the Tennis and Netball teams at one point. I have also been a part of a few clubs and societies like HFC AOD fashion design club / Red cross / Health and Nature club and was Holy Family Youth President back in 2016. While I was also a part of the school debating team and was a part of the Drama groups that participated in Sri Lanka state drama festivals etc. I was involved in various projects in and out of Colombo like Enable the Disable, Saviya and well, the list goes on. 

Considering all this, I believe that my Alma Mater has played a major role in making me who I am today. I was also the Head Prefect at St. Mary’s Church Dehiwela Sunday school and a part of the junior and combined choirs at the same church. I am currently living my 'Aviation dream' and employed at Emirates airlines while continuing my higher studies.

I am also the only child in my family and so I believe I am and will always be Thaththi’s little princess and Ammi’s tough, capable little girl!

If you could sum up your school life in 3 words, what would they be?

Amazing, challenging, memorable.

You were a bright student and an all-rounder in school. What were the biggest lessons you’ve learned through your academic career?

Well, I was never a ‘book worm’ as they call it, but yes I was not bad in my studies. There were times when I had to be in a 100 places at the same time and in times like that, I have felt extremely stressed.

Then there were also the times when I was in school until the late hours for final tournaments practice or final round debate practices while I also had an exam the next day for which I hadn't studied anything at all! One thing I learned or rather experienced is that if there is will there is always a way. Through all this I learnt how to manage and balance my life.

I think I mostly learned how to multi task, and I also realized that good things comes to those who diversify.

Being Deputy Head Prefect was also a significant part of my academic career. It was not just a position or pinning a big shiny metal badge on your uniform and having higher authority. I learnt that 'together is always better' and being a leader meant that it was always about putting others before you. I took it as an opportunity to learn more about society and different people around me and I believe I matured quite a lot with all that great experience and exposure.

What drove you to pursue a career in the field of aviation?

I was 6 when I went on my first overseas trip to Maldives; that was where it all began I guess! Also two things I would spend on without thinking twice is on food and then on travelling.

On top of this, my Dad too has also been a part of the aviation industry.  I have heard about flights landing and taking off and freights and pay loads and the interesting operations that take place at an airport since I was a kid. All these made me love being a part of this trade and made me the aviation freak that I am today.

My final words of advice would be best said through the words of a song; Fort Minor’s Remember the Name, which is one of my favourites and my motivational mantra at times. Whenever you feel tired of fighting and it seems hard, remember that, “This is ten percent luck / Twenty percent skill / Fifteen percent concentrated power of will / Five percent pleasure / Fifty percent pain / And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!”

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