Seven C’s by Gateway Official opening

Seven C’s by Gateway Official opening

The Official opening of the Seven C’s Kindergarten, Day Care and Activity Center at Gateway.

Seven Cs by Gateway is an exploration platform for little ones, the intellectually curious citizen of tomorrow, launched its operation at Mendis Lane Moratuwa, recently. The premises was declared open by the Managing Director of Gateway Group, Mrs. Rohini Alles. At Seven Cs, they believe that exploration is at the heart of intellectual and emotional well-being. In ancient times, this meant sailing mighty oceans. Today it means honing, and being honed by, the Seven Cs – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Culture, Character and Cheerfulness

Among the most storied names in private education in Sri Lanka, Gateway has a long heritage of energizing, enlightening and empowering young boys and girls for the challenges that lay before them. Gateway Group was founded to prepare its students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to become upstanding citizens. 


Based on the Seven Cs, the Kindergarten syllabus is designed and developed to set the foundations of an intellectually curious, emotionally well-balanced child. For example: when learning Critical Thinking, children will be exposed to fundamental mathematical, logic and problem-solving concepts. When being taught Creativity, the children will learn art – music, dance, and visual forms – that will give them a lifetime of joy. Under Culture, children will learn more about our Planet and its People.


A much-needed service for working parents, 7Cs’ Day Care services are open for children from the age of 1 ½ to 9 years of age. The Day Care at Seven Cs will enable students of our kindergarten as well as non-students to receive care from supervised, qualified and highly motivated child-care professionals, thus giving peace of mind to working parents.


Keeping children engaged and focused when away from parents is crucial. It is during these periods that children learn independence. At Seven Cs, our Activity Centre is purpose-built for inspiring children to find their calling. The Activity Centre includes subjects such as STEM & Robotic, Computing, Speech and Drama, and English for Young Learners

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