Sri Lanka’s first Metal Album by a Female Artist, Shehara Jayatilake is On The Way!

Sri Lanka’s first Metal album by a female artist is on the way!

Article by Thamali Wijekoon

It’s going to be the dawn of a new era for metal in Sri Lanka. She is none other than Shehara Jayatilake; with her blazing vocals and daring self. Making it as a TNL Onstage finalist in 2011, here she is now, about to make history…

Whom were you inspired by?

I always felt inspired by human beings with beautiful souls that believe in following their own path no matter how difficult it was or how out casted they were treated for it, who believe in doing good, giving it their all without giving up and always standing up for what is just and right. 


How and when do you get ideas to write songs and what’s your favourite area to base your songs on?

I write songs whenever I feel inspired and so far it’s been triggered by my very human feelings; sadness, loss, anger, empathy, happiness and includes everything I have been exposed to in life. And since I write songs to express my feelings and most often let go of hurt and pain, my songs have almost always revolved around learning from experiences and wanting to move forward to a better place. 

What does it feel like to be the first female metal soloist of Sri Lanka?

It’s an honour. Metal means so much to me! To be the first by just doing what I love and believe in is just something I am very grateful to the universe for. It’s a win for Metal in Sri Lanka and I also feel blessed to be able to reach out to other girls, women and moms through this achievement.

Can you describe your voice in one word?


Are there any particular sub genres that you are interested in?

I love Extreme Metal, Groove Metal, Progressive Rock and Metal, Heavy Metal and Djent.

Tell us about your first exciting album release!

I’ll finally be releasing Sri Lanka’s first Metal album by a female. 

It is my debut album and is titled “Fountain of Memory”.

It includes 8 of my songs with clean vocals and aggressive vocals like growls, with Tenny my husband and Guitarist from Stigmata on guitars and will be released at my album launch concert in September this year.

A hint about what the song line up is like?

Well, I may change the order around a bit at this point but the 8 songs are........

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