Technique Colour

Technique Colour

Written by - Sakuni Kalyanaratne
Photo Credits  -Susantha Tennekoon

Technique colour is the dance concert of Kanthi Ranchigoda dance Studio which will be held on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October 2017 at the Lionel Wendt from 7 pm onwards. The dance Studio have been doing concerts every two years and this will be their outing in 2017. There will be wide genre of dance styles covered by the students such as Bale, Jazz, Hip-hop, contemporary, tap dancing and Flamenco. Each dance item will bring out a different colour and different characteristics and revolve around the theme of technique and colour combined together. There will be 23 dance items done by about 90 – 100 students with ages ranging from 2 1/2 yrs to 25 yrs. The items done by the smallest members of the studio are more colourful and bubbly whereas the items of the senior members would take on a darker complex tone.

The specialty of these event is that it will be held in aid of SUROL Sri Lanka, Society for upliftment and Rehabilitation of Leprosy Affected Persons.

The students of Kanthi Ranchigoda have been practicing for this outing for the last one year or so with a lot of hard work and dedication from Ms. Ranchigoda herself and the students. Another special element of this concert is that although the main choreography is done by Ms. Ranchigoda, she has also allowed some of the senior students to put in their ideas as well. The girls of the Ranchigoda dance studio is all in awe of their mentor and instructor and talks about how she gives any young budding talented choreographer a chance to showcase their talent as well by participating in the choreography process.

If you want to enjoy an evening of colourful variety of dance items to soothe your mind, Technique colour is the place to be.

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