The Robin Hood Army: #Mission30M | Serving 30 Million Meals

#Mission30M | Serving 30 Million Meals

The Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer organization which has thousands of young professionals and citizens who have taken to the streets in their free time to fight global hunger – the team collects surplus food from restaurants and distributes it to the less fortunate.

In five years, the RHA has served food to 30.1 million people across 182 cities globally. The Sri Lankan chapter of RHA, which started in 2016 has fed over 95,000+ people by partnering up with local restaurants, bakeries and other NGOs. 

The team, which is now a Harvard case study, has a strict no-funds approach, and scales up through social media and partnerships. In the wake of Covid-19, tens of millions across the world have lost their basic means of livelihood; we are in the midst of the starkest hunger problem our society has seen in recent history. While governments and organizations are doing their bit, this is the moment for every member of our community to take responsibility for the well-being and lives of their fellow citizens. 

#Mission30M is the largest food relief effort by civic society - through which the Robin Hood Army is bringing together corporates, media houses and volunteers across 10 countries, to serve staple food to thirty million of the most affected people across rural and urban areas. As every RHA initiative, each volunteer will do this in their free time and there will be no monetary donations involved.

How can you help? You can contribute to the ration collection by donating the below mentioned items,

and even joining us on the occasion to experience some heartwarming community engagement. There is no greater need in our lifetimes for people across different faiths, countries, backgrounds, and faiths to come together to help humanity. 

With private citizens, youth, and civil society working together with the best interests of local communities at heart, the idea is to rebuild a post-lockdown world where everyone has access to two fundamental rights: hope and food.

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