UCL’s Valedictorian Ravisha Wellappuli

UCL’s Valedictorian Ravisha Wellappuli

UCL (Universal College Lanka) holds the unique distinction of being the only transnational education institute in Sri Lanka which provides a guaranteed pathway to the prestigious Monash University through its exclusive partnership. Monash University is a Group of Eight (Go8) University which comprises of Australia’s eight leading Research Universities, and a TOP 60 University in the world being ranked 59th in the world (QS University Rankings 2018). 

Students in Sri Lanka have the privilege of beginning their Monash Journey right here at UCL. Having an uncompromising commitment to achieve and maintain stringent international standards and a higher quality of higher education in Sri Lanka, UCL possesses a highly qualified and competent faculty among private tertiary education institutes in the country, enabling it to achieve academic excellence and offer its students a superior learning experience in a caring environment. It is also unique that the Programme Coordinators of the Monash College Diploma and the Monash University Foundation Year, are both Monash Alumni. This has contributed significantly towards their quest of producing “Monash- ready” undergraduates to excel in a world class university

At the annual UCL Monash Graduation Ceremony 2019 held recently, Ravisha Wellappulli, a past pupil of Devi Balika Vidyalaya, who commenced her Monash journey at UCL by joining the Monash University Foundation Year and then progressed to the Monash College Diploma, emerged as the Valedictorian. Winning 5 Global Awards of Excellence in the process, she had the rare privilege of securing a generous scholarship to gain entry to the second year of the Bachelor of Commerce degree at Monash University Australia. 

We had the pleasure of meeting with Ravisha who shared her story of success on her visit to Sri Lanka for the UCL Monash Graduation Ceremony

Ravisha, we would love to hear how you started at UCL?

I finished my GCL O/L in 2016 and joined UCL to do the Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY). I did MUFY for 8 months, it was a foundation course. From MUFY I progressed to the Monash College Diploma of Business which is equivalent to the first year of Monash Business School. That is how I started my Monash journey. It was a vibrant start. She smiled delightfully. 

Where did you study?

I studied at Devi Balika Vidyalaya and after my O/Ls I applied to UCL. I was able to get a 50% scholarship as I got 9 A’s for my O/Ls. I got a world prize in the second semester for Macroeconomics and thereafter I did the Monash College Diploma and was able to achieve 5 world prizes. It was one of the greatest achievements in my life.

Did you do any extra-curricular activities?

I used to play Badminton in school. I also did Archery. I’m more into studies I would say. 

Raveesha is an all-rounder, however she has given priority for her studies and has enjoyed playing the role of a smart cookie. 

What are your hobbies?

I’m a Netflix and chill person. Also, I love reading about motivational speakers and all these entrepreneurs. Listening to their stories helped me to develop my career at large. 

What motivates you the most?

To see people going from nothing to something motivates me to a great extent.  How people start from zero and how they could end up being world famous sounds extraordinary. I believe that anyone can do anything they want as long as they have the commitment. 

Can you elaborate on life at UCL?

I would say UCL kind of changed me. I’m not the same 17 year old girl who walked into UCL. I guess the main reason is the environment. I was from a government school and it was also an all girls school. When I came here, there were people from different backgrounds. There were people coming from international schools. There were boys as well.  The atmosphere was amazing.  I guess it made a huge impact on me. Teachers and friends were all really great. 

What do you like the most about UCL?

I like the drive that I got from UCL. I was an average student in school. At UCL I was so driven and motivated to keep on doing what I was doing. It just comes from the environment at UCL. 

Also, I made really long-lasting friends. They were there with me through thick and thin and they are still with me. I found really great teachers. They are really great at mentoring. I still consult them when I need advice. 

In your journey so far who do you want to acknowledge?

Obviously, my parents. My mum and dad for giving me all the opportunities.  And my older brother specially ‘cos he is the one who convinced my parents to send me to UCL. If not for him, I wouldn’t be here. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to all my friends and teachers, the Dean and CEO at UCL.

Can you share something about life at Monash

It’s amazing. There’s lot of diversity. At Monash everyone is so smart and dedicated. I just love it there! The lecturers are very supportive too. There’s a vast cultural diversity. Embracing the differences is another good thing. We learn to respect each other’s cultures. The students are very intelligent and in order to stay in par with them, you have to be update your knowledge constantly. 

What is your ambition? 

I guess I want to become someone who can inspire others. I also like to work globally as an Economist, in a place like United Nations or the Central Bank. My greatest ambition is to inspire the youth and engage in something to keep them motivated. 

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