Rules and Regulations

Audition Rules

  1. No tracks/music will be permitted for auditions.
  2. Contestant will sing a part of a song of their own choice or as required by the panel of judges.
  3. Contestants should report to the organizers at the stipulated time for registration and briefing.
  4. Contestants selected for the final 10 will be notified the same day or thereafter.
  5. Contestants must be amateur singers or entertainers. They should not be professionally involved within the entertainment industry as singers on a full/part-time basis.
  6. Participants must have permission from a parent or guardian (If under 18).
  7. By submission of an application and entering into this contest, each contestant represents and warrants his/her compliance with contest rules and regulations. No contestant will be permitted to audition unless he/she has acknowledged and agreed to these rules and regulations
  8. By entering, each contestant agrees that Chokolaate magazine and their successors and assigns have the right to use names, likenesses and images of all persons performing for future advertising, promotion and publicity in any manner and in any medium.

Contest Rules

  1. By participating in this contest, contestants agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the judges.
  2. Contestants cannot utilize live props, back-up singers, dancers or animals.
  3. Contestants may sing the same song as another contestant. Songs containing unacceptable and unethical lyrics will not be allowed.
  4. Contestants must supply their own background tracks on a single CD. Tracks must be audio tracks only. The contestant should also keep up a back-up CD with him/her. No changes in song choice can be made once the contestant has delivered the background CD to the organizers.
  5. Background music must be clear of lead vocal singers; only musical band instruments are acceptable.
  6. Contestants are not permitted to leave the stage or stage area during their performance. This includes singing or performing within the audience.
  7. Any participant caught lip syncing will be automatically disqualified.
  8. The winner will be selected, and then announced, immediately following the finals of the contest
  9. Participants must be dressed in suitable attire and must behave accordingly on stage
  10. Contestants and their families are not allowed to have contact with any contest judge before or during the competition. Contact includes verbal conversations and handshakes. Please don’t hang out in back of or around the judge’s area.
  11. The order in which each contestant competes in the finals shall be determined by a random drawing.
  12. All decisions and interpretations regarding the contest, its rules, and the selection of the winner remain with the organizers, its agents, and representatives, and are final.