Chokolaate Mother Daughter Fashion Designer 2020

  1. Fill in the details in the given form
  2. Attach one sketch of a mom and daughter in a category of your choice (Casual wear, sports wear or evening wear)
  3. Submit your entry by February 28th
Important Dates:
  • Semi Finals March, 2020

Chokolaate MDFD FAQs

How to enter.

Fill in the application form on the Chokolaate website and attach one sketch of a mother and daughter in one of the 3 categories.

How many sketches do I submit?

You must submit 1 sketch for the application process of a mother and daughter in either casual, sports or evening wear. If you are selected for the semifinals, you will have to design all the categories.

Which category do I submit?

You can select one of the 3 categories, casual, sports or evening wear.

What should my sketch include?

Your sketch should include your theme and mention which category it is.